You Are Not The Person

You are not
The person alone
But the person is
Your friend

It wants to bring you
Pain and joy
So you may heal
And share it all

We are not the person alone. We are the life inside. To have this human experience we must construct a person and live with it. It comes with flaws and brings us pain through whatever experiences we may have. These life experiences are not our enemy. The person is not our enemy. It is our friend guiding our souls home. To pure being. To be entangled in the identity of personhood is the real issue. Not the negative experiences we may have. To search, find and realise our deeper identity is the ultimate journey. To experience what life has to offer is a gift and our person is the carrier of this gift.

Our pain can have a purpose… for us to transcend and heal it, then share this healing with others so that they may heal too. To be in service of others is the meaning of it all. To have the courage to surrender to our fears is the challenge we face. No journey worth while comes with out its perils.

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