Wake Up Turn On Tune In

There is a radio in our heads, intention turns the dial.

Through life experience we have programmed this radio to easily dial into certain ‘stations’ aka the stories we tell ourselves about who we are and how life is.

These stories or habitual thought patterns result in how we feel. These feelings result in more thoughts and we end up stuck in a loop and have no choice but to agree with Decartes when he said “I think therefore I am”.

That is until we realise that we had got it all backwards. We see that…

“It is because “I AM” that I even have the ability to think at all”


Waking Up

Waking up isn’t what happens when we get out of bed. Usually all that is, is a transition from one dream to another. We’re lost in a dream, then we wake up and forget all about it so we can start thinking about something, which is effectively just another form of dreaming. This is the human condition we’ve accepted as normal. A perpetual dream state sprinkled with moments of actual life.

Really waking up means waking up from compulsive thinking for long enough to consciously choose the station we want to tune into. Thinking is not the enemy. Compulsively thinking isn’t ideal though, especially when we over do it.

We all have ‘preset’ stations. The default neural networks we easily ‘tune’ into. Most of these have been set accidentally. As in, we didn’t consciously program them in and we certainly didn’t decide to strengthen the signal by tuning into them over and over again.

It’s time for a reset. We need to re-programme our radio and reset the presets to something more beneficial.

Invested in thought

Thinking is addictive. There’s something magnetic about the thought patterns that pull us in. It’s as if we’re heavily invested in certain ‘stations’ so they are not so easy to tune out of. Especially the ones that seem to make us miserable which sounds a bit mental… because it is.

We call these stations ‘our beliefs’. Beliefs are just repetitive thoughts that have become a preset station. All we need to do to access these is press a button so it’s natural that we go here first when faced when an external situation that requires a response and not and not fiddle with a dial to get to a helpful response.

We need to shake things up a bit so we can re-programme the radio. This can happen willingly or it can happen on receipt of a terminal diagnosis or a near death experience. We can also just do it when we are bored with our old stories.

Turning On

‘Turning on’ is becoming conscious enough to choose how we respond to a given situation. We muster the energy and intention to decide who and how we want to be.

The way to tune out of the unhelpful, unconscious, habitual ‘stations’ is by purposefully setting new ones. The first step is realising that we have the power to do so. ‘Turning on’ means we are fully awake and realise that we got the power!

This might sound quite simple but increasing awareness is really hard when we’re stuck in the quicksand of our everyday thought processes. Some space is required.

Creating this space within might will take some effort. Luckily there are many tools we can utilise to help us become more conscious so we can push the ‘on’ button. The good news is we know them all by now. Yoga, meditation, a healthy diet and lifestyle, exercise, breathwork, getting out in nature, gratitude journalling and so on. We just have to put some of them into practice to see what works for us.

Tuning In

Waking up and turning on is hard. Tuning in is the fun part. We get to use our powers of creativity and imagination to decide what version of reality we want to tune into. I’m not saying we can totally change what situations and events arise in the external world but we can radically change how we see them when they do.

‘Tuning in’ means consciously using our thoughts to affect our emotions and therefore our vibrational, energetic state. Doing this is said to mirror back a reality that is in alignment with our own energetic state.

Whether this happens or not is largely irrelevant. What we really care about is how we can influence our internal state of being. That is where the gold is. Inside.

Love and joy are not something delivered to us by the postman (although some may argue with that), it’s something we tune into and generate from the inside. Tuning in means we have developed the capacity do this at will. It’s where the hard work pays off, but we must get the first two steps right before we can do this with any real consistency.

Affirmations are a useful tool to use here. By this point we should be aligned with our purpose and what we want out of life. Then we can use affirmations to begin to tune into a station where the people, events and situations we want flow more easily to us. Sounds fairytalish but it’s more physics than magic. It’s the the power of resonance. Check this out…

So, it’s time to wake up, turn on and tune in. ‘JoyFM’ is waiting somewhere for all of us. Maybe it’s not so easy to find sometimes, maybe we have to listen to static or thrall through a bunch of crappy stations we don’t resonate with for a while. But it is out there waiting patiently for us to tune in. We just have to find it.

There is a radio in our heads and intention turns the dial.

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