The Ego Game – A poem

Go on
Play your game
With reality
A dream that turns
To travesty

A world apart
From what is real
One breath it takes
To seal the deal

Reveal the wizard
Pulling strings
A shadow cast
Onto the screen

He crumbles
Into nothingness
You cling to coattails
Of the dress

To no avail
He disappears
Along with all
Your childhood fears

Go on
It only takes one breath
To come back home
And laugh at death

This is a poem about the game the ego plays. A game we’re all playing right now. It inevitably turns into a travesty at some point. That’s the wake-up call. The ‘call to adventure’; to discover our true nature. With some luck, this happens sooner rather than later. My guess is it’s happening pretty often these days.

One breath is all it takes to play this game, it’s the one we all took on entry. The wizard is a reference to the Wizard of OZ. What we thought was real falls apart when we start to search for what is real. We see through the projections being cast onto ‘the screen’. Some call this the matrix.

As it disintegrates a part of us doesn’t want it to go. The egoic mind wants to cling to the ‘coattails’ of the mirage. It’s all it knows. Alas, its faith is inevitable.

We’ve got to come home. Home is where the heart is.

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