Presence Vs Logic

There are parts inside us that don’t want to be more present. Namely, the monkey in our heads, the “monkey mind”. He just wants to think all day, so naturally, being fully present feels like death to him.

Being present has been a big big challenge for me. I’m much better than I was. I guess I realised there is no point fighting with the monkey. Far easier and smarter to make friends with it and strike a deal. Give him the understanding, love, and attention he needs to see that it’s all just a ride, a gift he has been given. (This may take a lot of time on effort depending on your monkey.)

Then we can give him suitable jobs like solving actual problems, being grateful for all the good things, and perhaps the most important and the most difficult task of learning to watch the show of life unfold as if in the cinema.

Bliss follows this because when the monkey can really, fully, just BE, we become life itself. And once you get a taste of this, it’s hard not to go in search of more…

Pura Vida ✌️

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