Here are a collection of poems with a general theme of spiritual awakening.

It might sound strange, but it really felt like most of them came to me as messages I needed to hear, rather than from me. I hope they speak to you the way they did to me.

  • Dissolve
    A poem about the dissolution of all we are not, so we may be what we are.
  • Seeker’s Dilemma
    A poem on the nature of spiritual seeking.
  • Knee Deep
    A poem for when you are feeling stuck.
  • A Question For Your Heart
    A poem that poses a question for your heart. When you came hereDid you come to experience the full gamut? The pain and joy…
  • A Walk In The Woods
    A poem about nature and the beautiful world we live in. It came to be one day after being cooped up and on the computer for way too long.
  • Mind Vs Heart
    A short poem on the mind vs the heart. The mind races, the heart beats. The mind doubts, The heart knows. The mind shouts, the heart sings.
  • Cremate your self
    (not literally) A poem about ego dissolution. The ‘self’ I’m referring to is the ego identity we have formed to play the game of life.
  • Moon
    A poem about the moon. The moon represents the divine feminine. Moon, you are the mother of a night that comes and goes…
  • The Unseen Hand
    A poem about an unseen force – life itself. It’s mysterious and all pervading and it’s been called by many names.
  • The Dream
    A poem about the voice in our heads. Awareness is always there regardless of what the voice says and we are that.
  • A Poem To Presence
    A poem to presence. A conversation between with divine presence. “Every chance I get I’ll sit with you, not to do just to be.”
  • Life On Tap
    It’s a poem about life. A poem that describes an experience of connecting with pure presence through meditation.
  • The Journey Within
    A poem about the journey within. It’s a journey of paradox. What is unreal needs to be dropped to discover what is real. Identity is the key.
  • Woke
    A poem to the one who thought he might be ‘woke’. In a way, from the perspective of spiritual awakening, being ‘woke’ is a a bit of a joke. Maybe it was slightly harsh but it was what I needed to hear at the time.
  • You Are Not The Person
    A poem on the personal from a transpersonal perspective. “You are not the person alone but the person is your friend….”
  • The Ego Game
    A poem about the game the ego plays.
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