Pick a side

Pick a side. Pick a country. Pick a team. Pick a politician.
Pick anything to “other” yourself from another. Pick anything to split the outside world in two so you don’t have to look at the fragmented parts within yourself.

Take a look; it’s working well… the world is cracking up, but sadly not in laughter. Division, separation, and conflict will continue until we look within and heal the division, separation, and conflict within ourselves.

To heal is to become whole. When we choose this road, we take responsibility for whatever is happening inside of ourselves. We drop the need to escape our discomfort by picking sides or blaming people, places, and things for our “stuff.” We own it.

Now we can consciously choose to play the game. That often means we must pick a side; a take, a perspective, a path, a flag, a culture, a way… whatever it may be.

Without picking a side, where is the game?

So pick a side but let it be by conscious choice, not by a need to escape.

Pick a side, or be left in peace.

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