3 Months Coaching (6 Sessions) + New Professional Website.

WHO IS THIS FOR? Budding solopreneurs types (yoga teachers, creatives, coaches etc.) who want clarity on their vision/message/niche and want to package all of that in a professional website so they can directly connect with their people and grow their business.

  • Three months (6 sessions) 1-1 coaching to help you:
    • Get clarity on what you are about: your core values, message, offering etc
    • Get a solid understanding of your shadow/unconscious self AND your higher/creative spirit Self so you can tell the two apart and follow the one who wants you to live your best life.
    • Stop procrastinating, take effective action and maintain a positive mindset.
    • Value: €360.

Use your new found wisdom to present yourself to the world via a professional website that will allow you to directly connect with your audience and showcase what you are about/offering. With your input I will:

  • Design and build a professional website with basic logo.
  • Mentor/train you on how to easily maintain/manage/grow the website in the future.
  • Integrate a newsletter
  • Website build value: €500+
  • Training €100 – €150+
  • Free hosting for the first year. Value €100 – €150+


Kieran Butler

Hi, I’m Kieran…

a qualified co-active coach passionate about helping people get back in touch with their creative spirit and create the life they want. I’m also a software developer with over a decade of experience building large scale corporate and commercial apps and websites. I’ve built websites for ABC Australia, and The Man Booker Prize and many more.

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