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You’re a creator on a quest to awaken so you can be your best Self. But first you have to exit the swamp of personal reality and navigate the beautiful shitstorm that is spiritual awakening.

You can’t manifest for shit just yet but you know it’s possible so you’re gonna learn or die making vision boards. You’re also starting to wake up to the idea that the old paradigm of working yourself to death in a rat race designed to make you miserable is not the most effective way of creating value for others or being happy.

Great! so it’s time to sign up so I can finally send you spam. Rest assured I will hardly ever do that. I care about privacy and protecting your avatars ‘personal’ details (a bit) so I will rarely, if ever, sell it to a third party in order to pay the bills. Pinky promise.

No seriously, your email is safe with me. By subscribing you’ll receive original content that will help you navigate the adventure that is spiritual awakening so you can stop taking life too seriously and have some fun.

Let’s all be unenlightened together.

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