Never mind Delta, It’s all about the Alpha and Omega

There’s been a lot going on. In the world and in our minds too. The world, en masse, seems to be dividing pretty nicely, straight down the middle. It’s hard to see it all go down with a sense of humour. It’s hard to ‘see’ or make sense of anything at all.

I’ve been looking for a place to stand, some solid ground in a world obsessed with viruses! To speak my truth or watch it all unfold with bewilderment and wonder? Who are we even to listen to anyway? The main-stream? “Oh give me a break!”, I say with both sarcasm and sincerity simultaneously! It is possible to hold these two very different responses side-by-side at once, isn’t it?

Maybe that is the answer – to hold the two halves of a dividing world at once and just BE with them. Maybe division is inevitable, even necessary. ‘Yin and Yang’, ‘Good and Bad’, ‘Right and Wrong’… where would we be without them both?

We’ve been divided before, granted maybe not at this scale, but it sure feels like we are on the cusp of something big, do you feel it too – the tension building? Apathy or anarchy? They are both on the cards. They are both understandable responses too, all things considered.

Even as I attempt to visualise the breaking apart now, my immediate urge was to try and put the two halves back together somehow. Ah, that good ol’ knee-jerk reaction to turn on ‘fixer’ mode. Great to see I haven’t lost it, but is it always the answer!? Of course not.

My genuine and sincere answer to all this right now is that we need to learn how to BE, now more than ever. It sounds so vague and burnt out like it’s all been said before. And of course, it has, from bumper stickers to pulpits, but that doesn’t mean we got the message.

If I was to hypothesise for a moment on some divine lesson that is looking to be learned amidst the chaos, it would have to be this: We need to know who we are and we need to know what we stand for. Not that I’m usually one to hypothesise on things like this… OK you got me! but it sure as shit feels like we’re being pushed toward this. At the least it’s what it feels like to me and boy is it going to be messy.

We can resist or bury our heads in the sand of what seems to be a dangerously confused world. Or we can turn our back on it all for a minute or three and go somewhere different so we can ask “what or who is it that I really am?” or if that’s too much for a first dance with yourself, try “what is it I really feel, in my body and in my bones?”. Leave thinking aside for a minute, it will be there when you’re done. Anyway, it is likely that too much thinking and DO-ing is what has gotten us into this mess in the first place.

Don’t worry, maybe nothing will happen. You might not get the answer the first time around. Being is a bit like digging a hole. One shovel in and your mind says “well that’s BEING then, job done! let’s move on to something else, something new and fresh and exciting; anything but this nonsense.” But, you know part of you still wants to dig! even when you don’t even know what you’re looking for.

Let’s just say you choose to dig and you keep digging. Deeper and deeper you go, all the while sinking further and further away from the noise of the world. “How far down can this thing be“, your mind whispers, but only just loud enough to hear because you’ve now been digging for so long, you have almost left thinking behind altogether.

It’s a bit like that feeling you get when the elevator has been finely tuned to drive your stomach bag through the floor you’re standing on, except this elevator keeps on going, indefinitely. Maybe that’s a slight exaggeration but really, it’s fantastic and not even close to some mediocre words on a screen describing it.

From this place of being, things are so much quieter so it’s much easier to see. It’s much easier to build upon. It’s much easier to relax, to feel, to be free. From this place you can see what needs to be done next and not be one bit bothered about whether you actually do it or not. And sometimes you say, “to hell with it, I might as well go for it, sher when might I get the chance again?”.

Never mind Delta, it’s the Alpha and Omega we ought to be concerned with, especially these days!

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