Letting Go To Flow

Letting go and surrender is a popular topic, especially when it comes to spirituality. But what is there to let go of and who is it that is even letting go? Here are my two cents…

Letting go means we surrender to the flow of life. Surrender doesn’t mean we just sit around and do nothing. Anyway all there is to surrender is a bunch of thoughts of what we think ‘should be’.

‘No attachments, No aversions’. It’s the title of another book I’ve never read but I get the message. It’s the essence of spirituality. Surrender to life. Surrender to what we’re being led to learn.

Easier said than done right!?

It’s a delicate thing to surrender to the flow of life… there’s a lot of too-ing and fro-ing… You’ve got to be able to hear what it’s telling you for one. Sometimes it screams but we don’t fully trust it and other times it’s saying do nothing at all but we can’t stop ourselves from being.

It’s an art I’m yet to master, but I’m getting better at it for sure. Things like astrology, human design, gene keys, moon cycles can sometimes help when we don’t have the capacity to tune in to what is… just yet. They can help guide us in a way when we’re feeling lost or stuck… But really there are just training wheels for the real thing…

The only real solution is awareness and to increase that usually takes work.

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