The Karmic Washing Machine

Ever feel like you’re in a literal washing machine? Turned upside down from the drama—that’s karma! 🙃

Don’t know too much about it, to be fair. Pretty sure it’s more than just “what goes around comes around,” though.

The purpose of yoga, it seems to me, is to burn up the karma we’ve brought into this life as quickly as possible so we can fully be what we came here to be—free. Our karma has us going around in circles, chasing our tails, visiting and revisiting the same old problems, patterns and habits over and over again as if stuck in a washing machine on an infinite spin cycle.

To break these patterns is to loosen to grip our karma has over us. This is what the spiritual path is about.

For more on karma, check out Sadhguru’s blog and book on it.

In any case, may we enjoy the ride 🙏

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