Hey, I’m Kieran, a certified coach, artist, and software developer. The Captain’s Log is about the journey of awakening to our true nature so we can live a life of purpose and adventure. It’s also a journal I created.


Know your Self -> Heal yourself -> BE the Creator

We are all Creators and we are always creating. The only question is are we doing it consciously or unconsciously?

Whether you want to change careers, give birth to a creative project, or grow your ‘solopreneur’ business, it doesn’t matter. When you get clear on who you are and heal your”stuff, ” everything else becomes simple (NOT EASY). Coaching helps fast-track and maintain this process of awakening to the potential of who you are, with all your innate gifts and abilities.

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the captain's log journal

The Captain’s Log

A Journal To Help You Navigate This Beautiful Sh*tstorm Called Life


Once Upon A Time In A Pandemic

A Bedtime Story About Waking Up

What if the pandemic of 2020 was just the beginning for humanity… the last in a long line of warning signs that we were heading towards almost certain oblivion?

“Once Upon A Time In A Pandemic” is a graphic novel that tells the story of the 2020 pandemic being an initiation event for humanity. A wake-up call forced upon us with a humbling ultimatum—face and heal our wounds or be dragged into the gutter by some insidious force hidden deep within each and every human being alive. It’s the age-old battle of “Love Vs. Fear” made fresh with sprinkles of humour and wit.

“Think you’re escaping and run into yourself. Longest way round is the shortest way home.”

James Joyce

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