Find The One And Rest In It

It’s one thing I’ve not been doing much of lately. I guess that’s why it was such an important reminder for me. 

“Find the One and rest in it” was the answer to my question about how to slow down… find more peace, contentment, and gratitude for the way things are. Some respite from a mind who rarely seems to pay attention to any of these things. It’s too busy searching for problems or things to do… 

So what does it mean to “find the One and rest in it”? To me, it’s about connecting that sense of a “thing” inside us all that doesn’t seem to age. It’s about allowing your attention to drop out of the head and into the belly.

On one hand, doing this can feel like death to the mind. Scary and disorientating. A bit like a cannonball chained to your legs dropping off a cliff. In a way, it is a death… to the thought process. In a way, you do have to “die to self, to be born into eternal life”.

On the other, the mind can see “resting in the One” as the wisest choice it could make. This mind has faith. Faith that it is not separate from all other life. Faith that it cannot think its way to the happiness it is desperately searching for. Faith that the only way to get what it wants is for it to surrender… the great paradox!

Maybe this mind has faith, or maybe it found the courage to become willing enough to journey into the unknown, if only for a time. It doesn’t matter how the journey within starts. It matters that it starts.

For me, “resting in the One” isn’t a one-time thing. It’s a practice. A place to return to, when lost. Sometimes I go without it for weeks on end, sometimes it’s a daily thing. Whatever works. One thing I’m sure of is that this is where I’ll rest in peace 😉

If you ask me, It’s the place to BE!

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