Do What You Love

“But we can’t all do what we love. Who would do ‘XYZ’, then? Someone has to clean up the shit.”

But nothing. This is not about ‘someone’. Besides, maybe someone LOVES cleaning shit up!

Let me share why you MUST do what you love! (IMO)


Love is energy.

If you want more energy, do what you love. Or love what you do. Either way, it’s up to you.

Doing what you love gives you energy. It ALIGNS you with TRUTH and a Greater Intelligence. When you are in alignment, you flow, you create, and you glow; with Grace. It feels great too! This isn’t new. Everyone innately knows this.


The alternative is to get lost in the shoulds and judgements of the mind, which only breed stagnation and block energy from flowing as it should.

This drains your battery and makes you feel crappy.

Yes, of course, you also need to do shit you don’t like to do sometimes, but if your cup is overflowing from doing things you LOVE, then the shit you don’t like doing will be much easier to handle. You may even start to LOVE it too.


Knowing the ESSENCE of what YOU love is, of course, essential.

  • You love collaborating and chatting with people because your essence loves the feeling of CONNECTION.
  • You love travelling to new places because your essence loves the feeling of FREEDOM and ADVENTURE.
  • You love to look after others because your essence loves the feeling of being KIND and CARING.
  • You love to learn new things because your essence loves the feeling of UNDERSTANDING.
  • You love to LOVE because you LOVE the feeling of being in LOVE with XYZ/he/she/him/her/they/them/it/who gives a shit (no offence).

These are just examples. The point is that we all have a unique essence (or soul). It LOVES, period. But there are just certain things it loves more than others. That’s what makes us unique. When you pin down exactly what makes your soul light up. Pick your top 5 and put them somewhere you can see them often.

Then do everything in your power to live in alignment with these VALUES.

They serve as an ANCHOR when shit hits the fan and you want to punch someone in the face or get lost in silly thoughts about the meaninglessness of life. 

But know this: DOING what you love is not REALLY about DOING at all. It is about BEING.

Alignment with the BEING THAT YOU ARE is the foundation for all fruitful action. This is why BEING is emphasised so much in spirituality.

In truth, your soul doesn’t give a shit about what you do or how successful you become in the eyes of the outside world. That’s the ego’s job. Your soul cares much more about HOW YOU BE. As in the quality of your being, is your inner light dimmed, or is it lit up?

When you see that to live a life in alignment with love energy not only benefits you but everyone else too, surely doing so must become our first order of business?


This is how you begin to live in Love. When you live in Love, everything you DO becomes infused with its awesomeness. This is how you create cool shit.

Life will try and drag you away from your essence. Effort and focus are required (at least in the beginning) to hold on to your anchor until it becomes your default way of BEING once again. 

If it feels good, you are in alignment with the TRUE you, your essence/soul/higher Self.

If you feel shitty, either get some sleep or look at your list and ask yourself what you are not honouring.


This is just level one, a stepping stone to something greater.

Level two is loving whatever or whoever is right in front of you. ALL OF THE TIME. This is living with an open heart, the greatest challenge in life, IMO.

Baby steps. I’m happy to hang out on level one for now ;)

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