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Welcome, I’m Kieran, a personal coach helping people navigate the beautiful sh*tstorm that is life, with a smile. The Captain’s Log is about the journey of awakening to our true nature and purpose so we can live in alignment with our unique creative spirit. (It’s also a journal I created to help people get focused on what matters.) Want to know more? Feel free to contact me below. Read more…

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What the hell is coaching and why should you care?

Coaching has thought me so much, both as a student, a client and as a coach. For one, there is an immense (and largely untapped) reservoir of ‘gold’ within each and every human being. How we access it is unique for everybody, therefore how we show up in the world when we do connect with it is also unique, special and wonderful.

This reservoir is BEING itself. It holds the key to a fulfilled life: our unique gifts, character and calling in life. We all come here with a purpose and that purpose is simply to BE ourselves. It sounds simple, but, as I’m sure you will attest, it ain’t always so easy! To BE ourselves means we must be FULLY ourselves and this means we must dig deep, have courage and step into what life is calling us to BE – in each moment. I’m not going to lie, it will take all we’ve got. The best part is, we have (literally) got what it takes.


To bring ourselves into alignment we need to be fully equipped. We need clarity on who we are, from the surface level to the very core. We need stable ground on which to build a rich and fulfilled life, AKA an awareness of the immense and unique potential we all carry within us. Whether it’s a grand vision, our vast array of gifts and talents or those other bold bastards inside us all who would rather sabotage our lives in the name of safety than have us live inspired, adventurous, courageous lives. The well is deep and all we have to do is explore it.

This awareness is possible for everyone and coaching is a powerful means of shining a light on our own magnificence so we can then share it with the world.

I like to think of a coach as someone who helps you clean the mirror that is your life so you can see yourself fully and in all your glory 😉

You bring the elbow grease, I’ll bring the cloth.


  • Package – 6 sessions, bi-monthly with the option to extend if required. €360
  • One off, one hour to explore coaching and a specific challenge or opportunity you are facing right now. €60

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