Mission Statement: BE Your Self

“BE Your Self because the world is going to sh*t anyway, so what have You got to lose!” This is my new mission statement for The Captain’s Log because I think it neatly represents its values — Authenticity, Courage, Understanding …

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Do What You Love

“But we can’t all do what we love. Who would do ‘XYZ’, then? Someone has to clean up the shit.” But nothing. This is not about ‘someone’. Besides, maybe someone LOVES cleaning shit up! Let me share why you MUST …

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Focus On What You Love

Are you clinging to what you fear OR being carried away by what you love? The challenge is that the gravitational pull of the external world is geared toward us living a fear-based life. This is why  “we suffer more …

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Be Led By Heart

They say, “follow your heart”, but how easy is it to hear, let alone follow? The monkey in our heads doesn’t help matters, let me tell you 🙉😬 What does it even mean, anyway, to follow your heart? This is …

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Iron Out The Kinks In Your Psyche

We all get a little “wrinkly” from time to time 😉 Who cares how or why, it’s our job to get straight again. Ironing out the kinks, aka “healing the wounded parts of ourselves so we can be ourselves”, doesn’t …

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phone a double edged sword

The Double-edged Sword Of Technology

How’s your relationship with your ‘extra limb’? Usually, I’m the guy in the back 🙂 I’m not exactly tearing myself to shreds but I find myself compulsively reaching for it a lot, so I set some highly elaborate rules which …

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