A spiritual poem about fire

Let A Fire Burn Within

Let a fire burn within Until all that is left is Understanding Love and Light. The fire is the desire to know, The desire to be free. It needs to burn all you are not So all that is left …

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the ego game poem cover

The Ego Game – A poem

This is a poem about the game the ego plays. It inevitably turns into a travesty. That’s the wake-up call. The ‘call to adventure’.

poem about time

There Is A Time

A poem about time. There is certain divine timing to life. To do certain things and flow in harmony with life we must learn to flow with the different phases and cycles present. From the 24hours in a day to …

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A poem to the one who thought he might be ‘woke’. In a way, from the perspective of spiritual awakening, being ‘woke’ is a a bit of a joke. Maybe it was slightly harsh but it was what I needed to hear at the time.

journey within

The Journey Within

A poem about the journey within. It’s a journey of paradox. What is unreal needs to be dropped to discover what is real. Identity is the key.

dripping tap

Life On Tap

It’s a poem about life. A poem that describes an experience of connecting with pure presence through meditation.

meditator icon

A Poem To Presence

A poem to presence. A conversation between with divine presence. “Every chance I get I’ll sit with you, not to do just to be.”

dream catcher

The Dream

A poem about the voice in our heads. Awareness is always there regardless of what the voice says and we are that.

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