The Self That Needs No Help

There are many ways to phrase it. The ‘self’ could be seen as our personal identity or egoic mind etc. While the ‘Self’ is a reference to consciousness itself, the deeper, subtler essence of who we are. Anyway, here are …

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Being Vs Doing – What’s The Big Deal?

Maybe I’m beating a dead horse here. Being too obtuse. Too vague. Contradictory even. Sure, it’s paradoxical and it sure as shit ain’t logical. This is why we have such a difficult time really understanding the draw of mindfulness-based practices …

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‘Breaking News: There Is Nothing To Fear’

This work of art was inspired by a recent dream I had & @lovenotfearmankind with their #lovenotfear campaign for mental health awareness. The Dream I was flying above a pitch-black wasteland that stretched as far as the eye could see. …

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Words are vibrations illustration aum

Words Are Vibrations: Enter The Mantra

Words are vibrations and we’re all a bunch of atoms floating around in bags of skin. I’m no expert but apparently, it’s science. I do know words can have a huge impact on how we feel. Here, I’m referring more …

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Wake Up Turn On Tune In

There is a radio in our heads, intention turns the dial. Through life experience we have programmed this radio to easily dial into certain ‘stations’ aka the stories we tell ourselves about who we are and how life is. These …

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