Growth Mindset Vs Fixed Mindset. How do you tell the difference? One feels rigid, concrete and stuck. The other feels expansive and flowing



I’m talking about personal identity and actually, it’s not even half, it’s just the tip of the iceberg. Personal reality is like a swamp we get stuck in when we believe the personal identity ‘space suit’ we have donned is …

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attention disorders in the age of social media

No Focus, No Breakthrough

The value of our attention in the age of social media. Without focus, there can be no breakthrough, especially when it comes to conscious exploration through meditation.

You Only Get What You Can Handle

When it comes to karma or levels of perception, we only get what we can handle. On one hand, you may be feeling overwhelmed by life and the shitstorm it can be. In that case, don’t worry, you only get …

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You Didn’t Come Here To Fit In

Or maybe you did, up to you… 🤙 Here’s the funny thing about “fitting in”… It’s not so black and white, it’s technicolor, like you! It is said that if everyone in the world followed their true calling then the …

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It Takes One To Know One

A slight twist on the original colloquial use of the phrase. I wanted to illustrate the non-dual perspective that underlies all true spiritual teachings: that underneath it all, ‘this and that’, ‘you and I’, is the unified field or ‘sea …

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