‘Breaking News: There Is Nothing To Fear’

This work of art was inspired by a recent dream I had & @lovenotfearmankind with their #lovenotfear campaign for mental health awareness.

The Dream

I was flying above a pitch-black wasteland that stretched as far as the eye could see. It was full of what seemed like old shipping containers. It began to click that this land represented the collective fear of the human psyche and that I had the choice whether to descend into it or not. Naturally, off I went. I knew I had a light if I needed it, but I wanted to refrain from using it in order to avoid attracting whatever lurked in the shadows.

Eventually, I realised I wouldn’t get very far without it so I turned it on. Lo and behold strange things started to approach. A monstrous bear-like figure scared the shit out of me at first. Luckily my awareness was sharper than usual so I remembered it was a dream and stood my ground. Once I did, the figure transformed into a puppy and began licking my hand.

It was the final confirmation I needed that this land of fear was indeed an illusion. Elated I flew off, this time with the torch fully on, shinning it wherever I could in an attempt to expose this shadowland of fear for what it was: smoke and mirrors.

Fear spreads faster than wildfire and the mainstream media are drunk on it; shipping it around the globe like nobody’s business. Surely we must spread love with at least the same enthusiasm?

The fear in our heads all seems so real until we turn on our light. I guess this is why finding what lights us up is so important. It’s a step closer to love and love is the best way to combat fear.

Still, this is something I’ve to remind myself every other day.

Be a ‘super spreader’ of love, not fear, and share this too. 😉 ❤️

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