Be Led By Heart

They say, “follow your heart”, but how easy is it to hear, let alone follow? The monkey in our heads doesn’t help matters, let me tell you 🙉😬

What does it even mean, anyway, to follow your heart? This is what I’ve learned….

There is something in all of us that knows the way. Maybe not the full picture, but at least the next breadcrumb on the path we’re meant to take and it may not always look “normal”.

Some call this part of us the heart. Others call it, the soul, the higher Self, or intuition. I think they are all variations/levels of the same thing. All I know is that it’s subtle. That’s why it’s often called “the still small voice” — because it whispers.

Easy to miss, too, mind you 😉, especially when there’s a lot of noise and distraction. It’s up to us to get quiet enough to hear it.

The ability to discern who’s leading who is the key to living a life in alignment with who you are—your being or soul. Our job is to figure out a way to do this that works. Then follow through in order to strengthen that connection until it becomes our default way of operating. For some this may come naturally. For me, it’s an ongoing process that takes time and effort.

The alternative is to live without this connection and let a disconnected monkey lead the way, which isn’t ideal. Who knows, maybe he’ll do an OK job. The problem is he’s operating on limited information. He might think he knows what’s best, but he doesn’t really. He is good at making plans but, as important as they are, the best plans won’t bring us on an adventure into the unknown, or down “the road less travelled”. That’s the heart’s job. That’s where the magic is. 

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