The Great Unmasking

It’s good news. The pandemic is winding down and smiles are due back in vogue for the Spring 2022 collection of human faces. I’m not going to add to the topic of medical masks though. Instead, I felt inspired to …

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The Self That Needs No Help

There are many ways to phrase it. The ‘self’ could be seen as our personal identity or egoic mind etc. While the ‘Self’ is a reference to consciousness itself, the deeper, subtler essence of who we are. Anyway, here are …

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A spiritual poem about fire

Let A Fire Burn Within

Let a fire burn within Until all that is left is Understanding Love and Light. The fire is the desire to know, The desire to be free. It needs to burn all you are not So all that is left …

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the ego game poem cover

The Ego Game – A poem

This is a poem about the game the ego plays. It inevitably turns into a travesty. That’s the wake-up call. The ‘call to adventure’.

Core Values

An unexhaustive list of core values. How to Use Print out the list and rate each one with one of three options. V = Very important, Q = Quite important, N = Not so important; 2. Now further refine the …

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