Iron Out The Kinks In Your Psyche

We all get a little “wrinkly” from time to time 😉 Who cares how or why, it’s our job to get straight again. Ironing out the kinks, aka “healing the wounded parts of ourselves so we can be ourselves”, doesn’t …

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phone a double edged sword

The Double-edged Sword Of Technology

How’s your relationship with your ‘extra limb’? Usually, I’m the guy in the back 🙂 I’m not exactly tearing myself to shreds but I find myself compulsively reaching for it a lot, so I set some highly elaborate rules which …

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The Power Of Reframing

The most underestimated superpower we have is the ability to see things from many different perspectives. Such a tragedy, then, that we carve out perspectives of ourselves, others and the world that often don’t serve us or anyone else. This …

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monkey drinking wine

Dare To Be Divine

🙈🙉🙊 When the monkey mind has done enough monkeying around It begins to seek Monkeys who dare to seek shall find That the divine is within Ever present Just waiting for the monkey to be.

The Power Of Stories

Life can be hard. I guess that’s why we like stories so much. Stories to lift our spirits and keep us moving. Stories to keep things light when the darkness creeps in. Stories that shake us awake to the beauty …

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The Mental Plane

The Gist You receive thoughts and make them yours. If they arise out of fear, they are untrue If they arise out of love, they are true.  Even when they are true, you may feel fear as a consequence. 

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