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Going Beyond Personal Reality

‘Going beyond’ is about understanding our true nature and transcending the shit-storm that personal reality can be. It’s about transcending personal reality so we can deal with all the ups and downs of life better. And, of course, be happier.

Knee Deep

Knee deep in the sh*tWe’ve all surely beenIt’s not all that badWhen there’s space in between… The mountains and molehillsThe laughter and tearsJust drops in the oceanOf life in the years Where everything changesAnd nothing stands stillI’ll walk with you …

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Seeker’s Dilemma

Context The Seeker’s Dilemma is a poem on the nature of spiritual seeking that tries to highlight or at least hint at the paradox of searching for something you already are. It’s one of the few poems I’ve written that …

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Dissolve Like Disprin In a glass Tear open The tightly wrapped foil Of falsities and folly They’ve kept you sealed for long enough Now jump Into the abyss And fall with glee To Be with the depths Of your own …

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