Kieran Butler

Welcome, I’m Kieran, a Coach and Web developer. I combine both to help solopreneurs like you get clear on what YOU (your “Higher Self”/”Creative Spirit”/”Captain”) are about so you can build a powerful presence online. The Captain’s Log is all about the journey toward living life from our unique creative spirit (instead of our fear-ridden identity). It’s also a journal I created to help people navigate the beautiful storm that is life. Read more…

TLDR; Me in a nutshell

Coaching, Art, Writing, Tech.

I’m a qualified co-active coach, who has spent the last decade as a web developer and software engineer. I am passionate about helping others find fulfilment and adventure in life.

For me, life is an unfolding exploration of who we are, from the surface to the depths.

Why this matters to me

I know what it’s like to feel stuck. Whether it’s in a dead-end job to make ends meet, or in the rat race pretending that the fat pay-check justifies the lack of fulfilment. I’ve been there, done that and for longer than I’d care to remember.

On the bright side, I learned a hell of a lot working on some amazing projects all over the world, from Ireland and the UK to Australia.

Besides plenty of tech wizardry, the biggest lesson I’ve learned is that you must follow the call from the still small voice inside.

Call it your heart, intuition, or the divine, it doesn’t really matter. It’s the closest thing we’ve got to a personal fortune teller so we had better learn to listen to it. I spent most of my life disconnected from this superpower (one we all have access to if only we learn how) and now that I’ve reconnected to it, I want to help others do the same.

It takes a lot to play the game of life and it can be so much easier when we have access to all our inner resources. This is what the purpose of coaching is to me. To give us access to these resources and tools so we can play the game full tilt.

To explore the breath and depth of what it means to be human is why I’m here and to help others do the same is my mission.

To learn more about the services I offer see here or for a FREE 30-minute ‘chemistry’ session fill in the details below and let’s talk.

You can also sign up for my weekly newsletter: ‘Spirituality with a sense of humour‘ or find me on the interwebs.

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