[Welcome, I’m Kieran.] Kieran Butler

I like to write. Sometimes words. Sometimes code.

Sometimes I design things too.

When I’m not doing any of those I practice yoga and meditation and go on adventures.

The Captain’s log is where I write about it all.

It’s also a journal I created to help me master my mind and focus on what matters.

May it be of benefit.


The Captain’s Log Journal

The back story: I had issues focusing and I like fine stationery. So I had a go at combining the “best bits” from all the goal-setting systems, habit tracking apps, and gratitude journals I’ve used over the years.

The result: A finely crafted journal that helps you focus on what matters. It will help you find a balance between being productive and just being, so you can work at what’s important while not wishing your life away.

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